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The Saturday group’s first meeting for the year was on 2 February. It was great to catch up with everyone and meet first timer, Verity. The weather had been very hot the previous week with some heavy rain so we were not sure what condition the park would be in.


We decided to have a look at some plantings from last year and do some watering. We visited the site between the fire track and the Creek Track and found the plants were doing surprisingly well and the weeding of asparagus fern had been quite effective. This area is obscured from public view but we felt that the work done was nevertheless worthwhile.


Next we walked to the fenced off area near Fleetwood Ave entrance to water grasses that we planted very late last year. These were left over from plants that had been removed due to work around the suspension bridge and were not in great shape. With the anticipated hot weather, we had squirted some soil wetting “goo” in each planting hole to increase their chance of survival. We were not optimistic but fortunately many grasses had survived.


Finally we perused the Creek Track to decide where we might concentrate our efforts this year. We had commenced weeding of asparagus fern last year in an area in between the Granites and Grange Rd Bridge Track where there was strong indigenous plant growth. This seems a good area to continue work this year.


Our next working bee is on Saturday 2 March from 9-11 am, meeting at the Hoadley Ave entrance. All welcome.

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